What can the Icky Box be used for?

We are proud to say that it can be used to store a number of things. Feel free to store loose tobacco, cigars, herbs and spices.

Can we use the Icky Box to store marijuana?

Although we cannot advocate for that, it can absolutely be used to keep marijuana fresh.

Do I need to “season” my Icky Box when I first receive it?

No, we are here to make life easy for you. Already pre-seasoned, the small Icky Box will take around 48 hours and the large box 72 hours to reach their ideal humidity level.

Do I need to use a humidity pack and how long will each pack last?

Yes, you will need to use a Boveda humidity pack to maintain the ideal humidity. Based on the size of the box you purchase, your pack will last approximately 5 to 8 weeks.  This depends on how often you use the box and the surrounding humidity.

What is the optimal humidity for herbs?

Depending on where you look online, you will see anywhere from 59%-63%.  We feel that 62% is perfect!

Will my Icky Box come with a humidity pack?

Yes. We got you covered.

When do I know it’s time for a new humidity pack?

It’s time to change it out when the pack hardens and becomes rigid. This means that the pack has lost its liquid form and is not providing humidity.

Where can I buy the humidity packs?

We are not allowed to sell the Boveda humidity packs on Amazon but here is a link to a single 62% pack. There are also other percentage options (65%, 69%, 72%, 75%, 84%) using this same link:

If you prefer not to buy from Amazon, check with your local smoke shop to see if they carry the packs.

Where can I buy more tins?

Here is the link if you need to replace or add more tins to your Icky box:

Do the containers come included with my Icky Box?

Yes, each Icky Box comes with two containers. Each has a snug fitting cover for spill-free travel.

Why does my box have uneven staining in some areas?

Though not common, it is due to the density of the wood and how it absorbed the stain.  It makes for a more unique looking box; consider yourself lucky.

How big are the tin containers?

Each square container (without lid) measures L 2.4″ x W 2.4″ x H 1.4″; making the total volume 8 cubic inches.  And you thought you’d never need that high school math. : )