Meet the guys

Eighteen months ago, three guys went out to grab some beers, and share a few laughs. As you can imagine, it was probably very similar to any other guys night. We ate way too much, some of us drank too much, and the conversation was mostly about sports and women. But the aimless conversation led to an idea that would change our lives FOREVER! Ok, maybe not forever, but I am going for something dramatic here.

What we realized was that storage for herbs and other “stuff” needed a major update. The options that were out there were either HUGE, too expensive or just plain butt-ugly. People were actually still storing their products in plastic bags and candle jars!

We went back and forth with ideas and the excitement built to the point where we knew it was something we had to pursue. The world needed us!

That night we made it our goal to bring Icky to the masses and move everyone that would listen “From Baggies to Boxes.”

We made this product and site for the regular person who is looking to upgrade how they store their “stuff”. Sooo…. after what seemed like 86 prototypes, we finally fell in love with our new solution to this age-old problem. We hope that you too love our product, support U.S. manufacturing and also the movement most Americans support. In case you were wondering who are the three guys at the beginning of this, here we are in all our glory.


Designer and creative genius who is a detail monster. What most people just glance over he has already noticed 8 errors. An asset to any team and salesman extraordinaire. Competitive nature is putting it very mildly.


The only one of the three that is OK with having his picture online. Self proclaimed fantasy football expert, IPA beer lover and all around great guy. Loves to read and in his spare time he listens to audio books. True story.


Insane in the membrane, but nonetheless a brain. Mel Kiper would say he "loves his motor". A workaholic by any definition and a huge part of how Icky got to where it is. Always the last guy to leave a party.